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Connection Troubles

If you are a wireless customer that is experiencing problems browsing or checking email, completely shut down your computer and restart it.

Cordless Phone Interference

Please keep in mind that occasionally cordless phones will interfere with the wireless service if the phone or "base unit" (the part the telephone handset plugs into to charge) is located near the antenna. Try unplugging power from your telephone base unit to test this. If you problem clears up after unplugging, try putting some distance between your cordless phone / base unit and the side of the house your antenna is on. Problems most often are caused by 900MHz cordless phones, however some types 2.4 and 5.8Ghz phones also can cause problems.

Weather Related Problems


Unlike satellite service, which has to penetrate cloud cover to communicate with orbiting satellites, our wireless service travels a much shorter distance from your home antenna to our ground-based antenna. This eliminates a lot of the types of weather related problems you would see with satellite internet service. That being said, snow accumulation can cause problems if your antenna has snow on it or if trees between your antenna and our antenna accumulate snow.

If you do experience trouble connecting and there has been a signifigant amount of snowfall, check your antenna for snow and gently brush it off if it is easily accessible. Take care not to alter the antenna's orientation when doing so as it will affect your signal and will require a technician to realign it.

Rain and Fog

While extremely unlikely there have been instances where on cold days, unusually dense fog and rain can cause service problems. These are beyond our control and we must simply wait for mother nature to comply.

Slow Speeds

Keep in mind, the amount of speed you receive is what is considered shared bandwidth. When there is heavy usage on the system, the shared speed will be slower because of more users sharing the same amount of bandwidth. However, unusually slow speeds over an extended period of time is not normal and may be an indication of poor signal quality or other network related problems.

If you continue to have trouble please give us a call: 802-748-5866.


Linksys Support:
1 800 326-7114

D-Link Support:
1 877 453-5465

Microsoft Support:
1 425 635-3311

NetGear Support:
1 888 638-4327

Belkin Support:
1 877 523-5546

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