1285 Elliott Rd, Saint Johnsbury, VT 05819

Kingdom Hotspots*

Pricing Service
$5.00 Current Day Internet access
$15.00 7 days of Internet access
$25.00 1 Month of Internet access 256k
$49.95 1 Month of Internet access 1024k

Fixed Wireless*

Pricing Up-to-Speed Possible Uses
$59.95 per month 2Mb 25GB per month $5/GB for each additional GB with excessive use*
$90.00 per month 5Mb 75GB per month $5/GB for each additional GB with excessive use*
$125 per month 10Mb 150 GB per month $5/GB for each additional GB with excessive use*

* Currently we are not keeping track of usage!

Static IP*

$10 per month 
Radio purchase required. Call for pricing!

*All speeds are "up-to" speeds* 
*Not all speeds are available in all areas

Additional Services

Pricing Service
$75.00 Wireless Installation, plus equipment cost
$75.00 Wireless Signal Check
$35.00 Inspect Equipment
$75.00 plus materials Equipment Servicing, Antenna Readjustment, $75 minimum*

Fees and Penalties for all accounts

Accounts more than 5 days past due date are subject to $5.00 late fee. 

A $5 late fee after 30 days the account will be put on hold. A $15 reconnect fee may be imposed!

Email is still maintained and payment is still required.

There is a $25 chargeback and bounced check fee

28% Fee if account is sent to collections.

All payments received are for service and are non-refundable

  • Service Calls are billed at $75 Per Hour, with a $75 minimum charge
  • If you would just like a Signal Check to explore the possibility of service, the fee is $75. (Most often, we can determine signal availability with a computer projection so this is not required.)
  • See our interactive coverage map to determine if you lie within our possible coverage area.

*(CPE) Customer Premises Equipment; which includes the antenna, wiring, and modem unit installed at service location.

We always ensure proper signal strength before proceeding with an installation.

All rate plans are with 1-year contract on service


Subscriber must adhere to our Terms of Service. Kingdom Connection's Wireless Service bills are sent via email. Paper billing is available for a $2 monthly fee. Maximum Speeds are Burstable Speeds, Network Conditions may affect Maximum Speed at any particular time


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